Port Blandford Heritage Society

Mission Statement

The Port Blandford Heritage Society is a not-for-profit organization committed to researching, preserving and promoting the history of Port Blandford so as to share the knowledge with current and former residents, people interested in the community, and future generations.


  • To research the history of Port Blandford.
    • Produce a historic timeline of the community.
    • Work with organizations, businesses, and industry participants to research their histories.
    • Work with families to research genealogical lines in the community.
  • To preserve the history of Port Blandford.
    • Compile a written history of the community.
    • Collect antiques, archival materials, artifacts, books, documents, records, and other items of historic significance for preservation.
    • Provide a facility for preserving and displaying artifacts, documents and items of historic significance.
  • To promote the history of Port Blandford.
    • Work with businesses, tourism organizations and other partners to develop a promotional strategy for the community.
    • Work with the municipality to develop legislation and regulations pertaining to land, buildings and areas of historic significance.
    • Partner with organizations to host tourism events in the community where the history of Port Blandford can be promoted.

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